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Civil Law


Civil law represents the framework for all private law and includes more specialised legislation such as real estate or contract law. If there is no specialised legal framework, the issue is automatically referred to the general principles established by the civil law.  


We provide legal services in various aspects of civil law relevant for companies such as real estate due diligence and litigation, lease agreements, company representation, asset management and other asset-related issues, private property issues, contract law, torts, bonds, obligations, risk management, liability etc.



Real Estate

Bölönyi Law handles transactions concerned with land, buildings and property rights for residential, commercial, industrial and strategic real estate. Our services include due diligence, drafting documents, negotiation and litigation pertaining to all aspects of the acquisition, financing, disposal of leasehold and freehold land as well as property rights and subsidiaries, property and real estate disputes, real estate development.


Our team also deals with lease renewals and surrenders, rent review negotiations and advice, and general landlord and tenant work.

Urban planning and development/Construction


Our legal services include regulatory urban planning law (authorisations and planning documents), land divisions, as well as legal assistance and representation in disputes with the administration authorities in the field of Urbanism and Construction authorization: litigations regarding the granting of authorizations and permits; litigations regarding the contestation of urban plans and documentation; litigations regarding the contestation of authority documents issued in the field; contraventions; demolitions.


Environmental Law


Environmental law is an increasingly significant milestone in internal and international regulations, while its legal framework is constantly changing and expanding. It is crucial for companies to keep up with the changing legal frame, as most types of business become subject to specific environmental regulations.


Our legal services include compliance and regulatory aspects (registration, licensing, environment authorizations and/or the green gases certificates/green certificates etc.), cross border environmental procedures, liability etc. Our team also provides representation in front of the relevant local and national authorities, administrative procedures and courts of law.

Insurance and warranties


Bölönyi Law focuses in insurance and warranties includes contract/agreement review, pre-action settlements, due diligence, arbitration and litigation.


Bölönyi Law can provide legal advice concerning the specifics of the legal framework, insured persons and/or goods, representation with the supervision authorities, construing of EU insurance directives on the Romanian market, advice on policy drafting and compliance issues including risk reduction strategies, maintaining compliance within insurance and warranties law.


Matters requiring technical expertise are assessed and handled jointly with experts in the respective field.


Administrative Law

In our complex system of government regulatory boards, commissions and authorities or administrative courts, administrative law often means dealing with a complex variety of government bodies that regulate economical, commercial and professional matters.


Our legal services include administrative hearings, judicial review of administrative actions, licensing, permitting, variances and other approvals, professional discipline hearings as well petitions, challenges & waivers.

Healthcare law


Bölönyi Law offers advice on regulatory matters in the healthcare industry (such as governmental regulation, managed care, compliance in internal procedures, practice plan arrangements, medical staff relations and third party reimbursement) as well as general commercial matters (including contracts, mergers, acquisitions, consolidations, corporate reorganizations, joint ventures, alternative delivery systems, home health care, real estate and corporate matters). 


We can provide assistance with issues regarding compliance programs, establishing, buying and selling medical practices, health law overviews, hospital representation, medical licensing, medical malpractice defense, procedures in front of the relevant professional bodies. regulatory and corporate compliance.

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Labor Law

Bölönyi Law expertise in employment law includes employment contracts, redundancy programs, negotiations with trade unions) , protected categories rights and benefits, regulatory and compliance, restructuring, redeployment and/or workforce optimisation, transfer of undertakings, drafting labor policies and internal regulations, negotiation of collective and individual agreements. In cases involving termination of employment contracts, we offer step-by-step assistance in drafting termination of employment legal documents, performing the legal stages of lay-off procedures, as well as assisting management in negotiations with unions on lay-off conditions.  


Bölönyi Law assists clients in pre-litigation negotiation and litigation in connection with grievances under the collective bargaining agreements and individual employment agreements, termination of employment, lay-offs, re-positioning in the company, discrimination, protection of employers’ intellectual property rights for work created by employees.

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