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Legal advice


Your success is our success. At Bölönyi Law we know that the legal advice we provide to our clients must promote their business objectives. Thus, our first priority is to ensure appropriate understanding of both the client’s legal issues and business goals, in order to be able to provide legal solutions that make business sense.


We focus our efforts on providing timely, precise and practical advice and solutions. The result is a  tailored and comprehensive array of options that aim at answering the company’s actual needs.

Litigation and representation


The Bölönyi Law barrister employs a disciplined, detail-oriented and deliberate approach to litigation. Our policy centers on early evaluation and resolution as well as on flexible layered strategies.  We represent clients in all Romanian courts, including the Supreme Court of Justice and Constitutional Court.

Bölönyi Law also represents and/or assists clients in front of any local and national authorities in various matters, from administrative procedures to more complex issues such as professional approvals/licenses or disciplinary procedures.


Having negotiations as a specifically identified service we can provide is simply our way of saying that our negotiation skills are at our clients’ disposal. At Bölönyi Law we have the training, experience and expertise to carry on negotiations on the client’s behalf as well as to coach the employees in this regard to an intermediate level.


Our negotiation proficiency goes beyond the legal framework, extending into specific skills such as non-verbal communication, neuro-linguistic programming, hierarchy and group dynamics, cross-cultural negotiations.

Legal training

The day-to-day activity in a company is performed by employees who rarely have any legal background at all, but who must make sure that the legal requirements relevant to their activity are properly observed and implemented.


Bölönyi Law offers the possibility to have the employees trained in properly implementing the legal requirements within their professional areas by a certified trainer, who is able to convey the information in an accessible and easy manner, tailored to their education and expertise, thus ensuring a proper understanding of the relevant regulations as well as their implications.

Financial arrangements and billing


Our fundamental philosophy is to charge our clients fair and reasonable fees. To that end, any financial (billing) agreement between Bölönyi Law and a client is based on the assessment of the company’s specific needs and represents the best offer we can put forward to meet those specific demands. The assesment meeting (1 to 2 hours) is free of charge.


We aim at having an all-service type of cooperation with the clients, so our regular billing offer is based on a monthly retainer agreement that can either include a number of hours or have an all-inclusive policy.


Depending on the client specific needs we can negotiate options such as prepaid retainer, flat fees, hourly fees, court term fees and success fees. Expenditures are not included in the fees.

Business Start Offer


Setting up a business is a demanding process in every aspect, from financial to human resources, workflow, marketing, sales and last but not least legal requirements. For clients that are not looking for tailored solutions and/or retaining legal services for the new business, Bölönyi Law has prepared package offers including legal advice on setup and administrative matters as well as contracts, employment documents and other necessary information for specific types of business. Please consult our Business Start list to learn if your type of business is included in our offer.

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